Hi, I'm Grzegorz, I'm a software developer

using System;
namespace djfoxer.website.welcome
    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            Console.WriteLine("Hello World!");

.NET Core (C#)

Blazor (work in progress!)

.NET Framework (C#)

ASP.NET Web Forms
Windows Phone (Silverlight)
Universal Windows Platform


Xamarin Native iOS
Xamarin Native Android

JavaScript frameworks

jQuery Mobile
jQuery UI

Microsoft SQL Server

SQL Server 2008-2012
Integration Services
Reporting Services
Analysis Services

Other stuff

Entity Framework
Oracle database
.NET Compact Framework


In 2015 I set up the company - FoxerSoft. It is young IT company with huge ambitions and experience in raw and dangerous software world.

Visit my blog

Feel free to visit my IT blog, where I write about everything that is related to new technology: .NET programming, app architecture, Git, creating web browser plugins, developer rants, reviews, books, apps and more...

Homebrew projects

Make The Sound

Make The Sound is an extension for Visual Studio that adds sounds to your IDE. Currently extension adds audio warnings for this events: save (floppy disk sound effect), save all (floppy disk sound effect, longer), build failed (cartoon record scratch sound effect), build succeeded (checkpoint sound effect from vintage games), breakpoint hits while debugging (arrow hits target, cartoon sound effect), building (oldschool disk read, low sound volume), exception (failed sound effect from cartoon). All sound effects can be enabled/disabled in options window.

Healthy With VS

Visual Studio's extension which help developer to organize task with Pomodoro Technique Timer and make healthy breaks with workouts examples. Timer has controls on bottom of VS window (StatusBar). When timer ends - sound is played and full screen pictures with exercises are shown. Healthy With VS helps developers to work with time and manage distractions. Small timer on Status Bar helps to improves productivity. When break comes extension shows for 20 second quick excercises to stretch and to improve blood circulation.

Bad Word Detector

Visual Studio extension that detect "bad words" in code editor and highlight it. This plugin was created to eliminate improper words in sourcecode. Let's together make our code nicer and cleaner! Your code reflects your soul and your mood. English "bad words" are taken from LDNOOBW project on GitHub (List of Dirty, Naughty, Obscene, and Otherwise Bad Words).

Blog's counter (Licznik blogowy) for dobreprogramy.pl

Web browser extension that gives huge number of statics for blogs on dobreprogramy.pl.


Universal App (Windows 10 & Windows 10 Mobile) for dobreprogramy.pl's users with active account. Main features of DePesza: watch and manage notifications list from portal, full statistics for blog data

E-number: Food Additives (Chemia w żywności)

E-number: Food Additives is universal app for Windows and Windows Mobile devices (and for classic, Windows Phone 8.0 systems). It's one of the most popular app in Windows Store health and food category. App has almost 50 000 downloads and more than 1 000 reviews! It contains more than 360 food additives with detailed description and fast and simple search engine. Download and try it!

Application was promoted many times on main page in Windows Mobile Store.


It's useful app for users of devices with Windows Phone 7.5(8) . As we know it, Mango update added, among other things, possibility to add our ringtone, but only to incoming phone call. MyRingtone2SMS adds missing feature - change SMS/Email/Voicemail alert tone with configuration panel. App had a lot of users before appears Windows Phone 8.0 system and was installed by default in some ROMs, created by XDA developers.

App was popular in all over the world: China, Russia, Poland, Italy, German, USA...

and more, but I need to update page...

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